Riverscapes Consortium


Like-minded scientists with common, shared vision

Some of us are academics, some work for public agencies, some for non-profits and some for consulting firms. Regardless of the sectors we work in, where our research funding comes from, we are all committed to not reinventing the wheel, and sharing the solutions we develop to better understanding, researching, monitoring, managing, conserving and restoring riverscapes.

Some of the ring-leaders

The army of scientists

There are two ways to see who are the primary soldiers getting the work of the Riverscapes Consortium done. One is to look at who is contributing the Code Repositories, and/or Data Warehouses. The second is to look at the authors of the peer-reviewed publications out of this group.

The organizations we represent

The individual scientists behind the Riverscapes Consortium are the real innovative force. However, to varying degrees the institutions we represent, have played a role in facilitating Riverscapes Consortium.

Supporting organizations

Host organization